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Oklahoma…and London?!


Wait, I have a blog on my web site?  I had NO idea!  But rather than a long rambling post about my lack of blogging stick-to-it-ive-ness, let’s just move past the eight month gap and embrace August 2012!

As I type this, I find myself in Oklahoma City, OK.  This isn’t a surprise – no teleportation was involved in getting me here and two flights on American Airlines from LaGuardia, no matter how on schedule, can’t be called “sudden”.  So, yes, I knew I was coming here, but there is an element of surprise when I wake up each morning and realize what state I am.  Adding to that is the reason I’m here – as I often do, I’m here with the lovely and talented Chita Rivera performing her concert show – for an entire week, no less!

I realize I’m straying dangerously close to stereotypes here, but I just didn’t expect Oklahoma City to be able to support 6 performances in a very large theatre.  Rodgers’ and Hammerstein’s work aside, one does not often equate OKC with musical theatre!  But, the Lyric Theatre here has done an entire season of shows that Chita performed in – ranging from Sweet Charity to Call Me Madam and beyond. All culminating with the woman herself for six shows.  We’ve only done two thus far, but the audiences have been wonderful and, while I’m not sure I could ever enjoy the 108 degree heat they get a great deal of here, I must say that we’re having fun and looking forward to the rest of the shows!Chita Rivera in Oklahoma City

I return home to New York City on Sunday and then, only a few days later, I’m off to London!  And this trip is to make my London concert debut as a composer/lyricist – actually, it’s the first time I’ve been to London for any reason, and I’m really looking forward to it!  A wonderful producer named Simon Greiff – who specializes in supporting writers – contacted me a few months back about doing An Evening with the Composers at the newly re-opened Hippodrome in London’s West End.  On Sunday August 19th, Myself, Georgia Stitt and Scott Evan Davis will each be playing our own songs which will be sung by an amazing group of Brits – Kelly-Anne Gower, Lauren Samuels, Caroline Sheen, Stuart Matthew Price and Simon Thomas!  Not to mention a mini-choir from the Musical Theatre Academy in London!  It’s going to be a great night and a wonderful introduction to London!Live at the Hippodrome

They’ll be performing songs from Out of Context as well as a few old favorites –

On top of all of that, my album is now available at Dress Circle in the UK!  Although, sadly, the physical shop will be closing soon, their web site will live on and continue to be the place to get musical theatre albums in the UK – and I’m so thrilled that, in addition to carrying the Altar Boyz album and vocal selections, they now carry Out of Context!

I’ll be taking my video camera to London and should have some fun footage of my adventures there – and if you’re in London, please come see me at the Hippodrome on August 19th!  Get your tickets here!  And I swear I’m going to redouble my efforts to keep you updated on what’s going on!  Next time, it’s time to talk about a brand new show I wrote with the amazing Rick Elice! Stay tuned!

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