Out of Context #2


Well, things are really rolling now!  The physical CDs arrived yesterday and, while I’ve been looking forward to that moment for months, I was surprised how holding one in my hand actually hit me.  I’ve seen and heard everything about the CD a million times, so none of it is “new” to me, but there’s something different about it actually existing in its final form that is very, very cool!

The press stuff is starting to ramp up both for the Birdland concert I’m doing on Monday November 7th at 7pm and for the release of the actual album the next day.  I’ve been doing some interviews which and polishing the orchestrations for the concert and it’s coming down the line like a freight train, so we better be ready!  I’ve mentioned the amazing people singing on the album and doing he concert before, but the here is the track list for the CD:Out of Context: The Songs of Michael Patrick Walker

1. All About Me – Anne L. Nathan
2. Weird Little Man – Kate Wetherhead
3. Never Added Up – Andy Karl
4. Irene – Lisa Howard
5. Different Kind of Man – Telly Leung and Michael Arden
6. More – Andy Mientus
7. Moonflower – Kelli O’Hara
8. Sometimes – Noah Galvin
9. Finding Me – Jim Stanek
10. Pour Poor Me – Rachel York
11. The Wall – Peter Friedman
12. Sometimes – Kerry O’Malley and Natalie Venetia Belcon
13. I Believe – Cheyenne Jackson

BirdlandFor the concert, Andy Karl, Peter Friedman, Andy Mientus, Jim Stanek and Noah Galvin will be there from the album as well as Ann Harada, Kenita Miller, Julie Foldesi, Betsy Wolfe, Lauren Kennedy, John Tartaglia and Tyler Maynard.  I’ll be playing piano with Michael Croiter on drums, Brian Koonin on guitar, Mary Ann McSweeney on bass, Claudia Chopek on violin and Clay Ruede on cello.

You can’t hear the CD quite yet, but if you go to amazon.com you can hear snippets and whet your appetite for the full album.  And come on down to Birdland (315 West 44th Street, NYC) this coming Monday November 7th and be the first to hear it all and get your own copy of Out of Context: The Songs of…well, me!

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